Why Use Bodylastics Resistance Bands?

Bodylastics resistance bands will help you get results!

With a small amount of effort you can transform your physique fast. Training with elastic resistance is something that you will feel in your muscles right away. Millions of people have benefited by becoming leaner, stronger and healthier by using Bodylastics.

1. Lose Weight, Tone Up, Get Fit

2. Get Strong

3. Increase Energy Levels

4. Improve Sporting Performance

5. Save Time

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Bodylastics Mega Resistance Bands – Time To Train Your Ass Off!!!

Bodylastics Mega Resistance Bands Order Bodylastics Mega Resistance Bands

Mega Resistance Family Edition with Bonus DVD and Chiseled Muscle Building DVD Box Set.

Total resistance equals 388 lbs, 194 lbs per side.

Total Price:

€124.20 (Includes shipping) The “Family” part of the name is refers to the sheer size of the new Bodylastics system. There really are enough elastics here to satisfy an entire family, all with one compact system.

This system will also be greatly beneficial for folks that are using attaching their Bodylastics to free weights or for individuals who are taller than 6’3″. Have 2 elastics of every color will enable the user to attach or use a single elastic per side of a barbell or limb. Whats included in the Bodylastics Mega Resistance Set?

Bodylastics Elastic Tubes – The twelve, 4? elastic tubes are made of the highest quality, continuous dipped latex, and create different degrees of tension when you stretch them. This specific system comes with 2 yellow elastics (5 lbs), 2 green elastics (7 lbs), 2 red elastics (13 lbs), 2 blue elastics (19 lbs), 2 black elastics (23 lbs) and 2 orange elastics (30 lbs). Each tube has our amazing aluminum clip system connected at both ends. Bodylastics Handles – The four handles are made from hard, rigid plastic with soft foam in the middle. We made our handles extra wide to be ultra comfortable. They are necessary for several upper and lower body exercises. Bodylastics Ankle Straps – The four ankle straps are made of soft nylon and Velcro. They are necessary for several upper and lower body exercises. You can also use these straps on your wrists in case you are lacking grip strength. Bodylastics Door Anchors – The two door anchors have a nylon strap with a loop at one end and a soft foam piece at the other. They enabls the product to be safely attached to any door, thus making exercises like Triceps Extensions, Seated Back Row and Hamstrings Curls simple to create. Bodylastics User Manual – The truth is we don’t know why we just call this a manual, it is a Book! This amazing resource is 8 x 11 and 76 pages long. It highlights over 127 exercises and has preset programs for all fitness levels, goals and even specific sports. Bodylastics Bonus DVD – This packed to gills DVD contains useful user tips and full length workout shows from Build or tone your body with Chiseled (Muscle Building), Bodylastics Toning, Pilates and Abs training.

Bodylastics Six Muscle Building DVD Box Set – The six DVDs included in this box set contain 18 amazing muscle building workouts from the popular online muscle building show “Chiseled” (Series 3). The “Chiseled” show is “live” and raw, but best of all it is super effective. Your box set will provide enough muscle workouts for an entire month and no workout will be the same. If you are looking top add muscle to your frame – this workout series is for you! Bodylastics Large Bag – The large, high quality gym bag that is included with this system is designed to easily hold the entire package. It is incorporates a collapsable center divider, so that the elastics and components can be easily separated. Bodylastics Free Online Video Instruction And Coaching – This Bodylastics system comes with 1 year free tuition to our exclusive online learning center, This incredible online resource highlights 140 exercises with video instruction and coaching. Bodylastics Free “Live” Workouts – Bodylastics streams incredible “live” workouts daily from its sister site, All of the workouts on this site exculsively use Bodylastics bands. Muscle Building workouts, Toning, Pilates, Abs, Cardio Kickboxing, Plyometrics, Teen Workouts and sports specific…they’re all there! It’s simple, you get your Bodylastics bands…you follow along with the workouts on…you see results!

Bodylastics Super Strong Man Resistance Bands – Think Your Strong? Try These Heavy Duty Bands!

Bodylastics Strong Man Resistance Bands Order Bodylastics Super Strong Man Resistance Bands

This Bodylastics system is designed to challenge the
strongest and most elite
of athletes.

Total Price: €98.38 (Includes shipping)

Build strength, tone your muscles, and improve your overall fitness level with the Bodylastics Super Strong Man Resistance Bands system (254 lbs, 127 pounds per side).

The complete system features:

  • 1 heavy duty 5 lbs yellow resistance band.
  • 1 heavy duty 7 lbs green resistance band.
  • 1 heavy duty 13 lbs red resistance band.
  • 1 heavy duty 19 lbs blue resistance band.
  • 1 heavy duty 23 lbs black resistance band.
  • 2 heavy duty 30 lbs orange resistance bands.
  • 4 extra wide heavy duty foam covered handles.
  • 4 heavy duty ankle straps.
  • 2 heavy duty door anchors.
  • 1 Bodylastics User Manual.
  • 1 Lifetime certificate with login information to the online learning center.
  • 1 upgraded Heavy Duty gym bag.
  • Lifetime Warranty.

Bodylastics Maximum Tension Resistance Bands – The Perfect Home Gym System

Bodylastics Maximum Tension Resistance Bands Order Bodylastics Maximum Tension Resistance Bands

Bodylastics Max Tension With User
Book & DVD

Total Price:

€69.85 (Includes shipping)

Total resistance equals: Up to 134 lbs.

One of the best sellers and a great
system to help you transform your physique. Price includes circuit training DVD.

Bodylastics Basic Tension Resistance Bands – The Original Home Gym System

Bodylastics Basic Tension Resistance Bands Order Bodylastics Basic Tension Resistance Bands

Bodylastics Basic Tension XT

Total Price: €62.91 (Includes shipping)

Total resistance equals: Up to 134 lbs.

The original Bodylastics Home Gym System. Price includes circuit training DVD.

Resistance Bands by Bodylastics